(Tek' no man sur) n. A wizard who performs magic with computers and various other forms of technology.
  Recent News/Updates:  

Major overhaul of the whole DarkWorlds network including redesigns of all the websites.

   Background on the Technomancer:   

  Got my first computer around mid 1980s, and have been into technology ever since.

  1992 - 2004 spent most of my free time helping local small businesses, non profits and residents with their tech needs, including a project from 1998 - 2003 where we made and gave away over 600 free computers to low income individuals in need.

  2004 - now: Retired! now we spend all our time helping Brandi with her business and working on our own projects.
  Currently active projects:  

  • DarkWorlds Network
  • Crye's Creations
  • GameDev (Android)
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